Schubert about Hades

As I've mentioned before, 19 year old Austrian, Jakob Schubert, has had a magnificent spring season, which was crowned the other day with a quick ascent of Hades, 9a, at Nassereith, spending a grand total of three days on the route:”I think I'm as surprised as you are :)I trained the same way like last year and feel not that much stronger in the gym, but on the rock it's unbelievable, I climb routes like Hades, where I had no chance last year, in one day! I think it's because I trained more bouldery routes a lot and that is perfect for the rock, because there are almost never more than 20 moves without a rest…”

Jakob Schubert on Mordor, 8c+, at Niederthai (Ötztal, Tirol)© Jakob Schubert

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