Senior Home International Preview

This weekend, teams of orienteers from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales will gather in Sheffield for the 2006 Senior Home International. The teams will compete in a relay competition on Saturday in Loxley Woods and an individual competition on Sunday on Burbage and Hathersage Moors alongside an open National Orienteering Event. planetFear is the principle sponsor for the competition. There will be prizes for the winning relay teams at Loxley on the Saturday and vouchers for the top 3 in the four SHI classes at Burbage and an offer of 15% off in the planetFear shop on production of the map with planetFear logo on for the month of December. National Event further details here Individual Start Lists

James Tullie Scot 09:02
Ruairi Short IRL 09:05
Ben Stevens Eng 09:08
Kris Jones (M16) Wal 09:11
Douglas Tullie (M18) Scot 09:14
Seamus O´Boyle IRL 09:17
Andrew Llewellyn Eng 09:20
Rhys Finlay-Robinson Wal 09:23
Duncan Coombs Scot 09:26
Patrick Higgins IRL 09:29
Iain Embrey Eng 09:32
Rhodri Buffett (M18) Wal 09:35
Neil Conway (M35) Eng 09:00
Chris Perry Wal 09:03
Anthony Squire Scot 09:06
Steven Linton (M40) Irl 09:09
Graham Gristwood Eng 09:12
David Alcock Wal 09:15
David Godfree Scot 09:18
Darren Burke Irl 09:21
Ian Nixon Eng 09:24
Rhys Manning Wal 09:27
Jonathan Musgrave (M40) Scot 09:30
James Logue (M35) Irl 09:33
Tuomas Tala Eng 09:36
Alistair Powell Wal 09:39
Andy Kitchen (M35) Scot 09:42
Marcus Pinker Irl 09:45
Duncan Archer Eng 09:48
Rob Palmer Wal 09:51
Murray Strain Scot 09:54
Ivan Millar Irl 09:57
Alastair Buckley Eng 10:00
Richard Barrett (M35) Wal 10:03
Oleg Chepelin (M20) Scot 10:06
Allan Bogle Irl 10:09
Rebecca Roberts Eng 09:06
Clare Dallimore (W18) Wal 09:09
Victoria Longhurst (W18) Scot 09:12
Rosalind Hussey Irl 09:15
Tessa Hill Eng 09:18
Anwen Darlington (W16) Wal 09:21
Kirsten Strain Scot 09:24
Ciara Largey Irl 09:27
Lizzie Adams Eng 09:30
Jene Hoare (W18) Wal 09:33
Hollie Orr (W18) Scot 09:36
Carys Morgan Wal 09:01
Fiona Forrest Scot 09:04
Susan Bell Irl 09:07
Karen Heppenstall Eng 09:10
Alice Bedwell (W45) Wal 09:13
Janine Hensman Scot 09:16
Ruth Lynam Irl 09:19
Anne Edwards (W18) Eng 09:22
Liz Campbell (W50) Wal 09:25
Sarah Dunn (W35) Scot 09:28
Toni O´Donovan Irl 09:31
Laura Daniel Eng 09:34
Kath Broatch Wal 09:37
Claire Ward Scot 09:40
Ailhbe Creedon Irl 09:43
Amy Sarkies Eng 09:46
Heather Burrow Wal 09:49
Jo Stevenson Scot 09:52
Violet Linton Irl 09:55
Michelle Spillar Eng 09:58
Helen Palmer Wal 10:01
Mhairi Mackenzie Scot 10:04
Aislinn Austin Irl 10:07
Pippa Whitehouse Eng 10:10