Shark?s Fin Climbed by Czechs

NW face of Mt. Meru Dougald MacDonald at reports: “A pair of Czech climbers has completed one of the most coveted lines in the Himalaya: a direct route up the striking northwest prow of 20,700-foot Meru Central (aka the ?Shark?s Fin?) in the Garhwal Himalaya of India. Marek Holecek and Jan Kreisinger climbed the 6,500-foot route over 13 days, with difficulties of 7a (5.11d), M5, and 80-degree ice. Kreisinger, 32, has done new routes on Amin Brakk in the Karakoram, Patagonia, Nepal, and Kyrgyzstan. Holecek, 40, has climbed wall routes in Yosemite, Patagonia, Kyrgyzstan, and Norway. Holecek previously attempted Meru with Filip Silhan, who died in the Alps in 2001, and the route is named Filkuv Nebesky Smich (roughly ?Filkuv?s Heavenly Laughter?) after Holecek?s partner. ” ( Source: Climbing magazine )