Sharma Climbs New 9a at Ceuse

In 2001, Chris Sharma set the climbing world alight with his ascent of Realization (9a+) in Ceuse, France. This summer he´s returned and climbed a new 9a, Three degrees of seperation, which is just to the right of Realization. He´s also bolted a new line to the left that he calls “futuristic but possible”. His new 9a, Three degrees of Seperation, involves three full dynos. You can see footage of the climb and hear Sharma´s thoughts at the BigUp productions blog Realization is famously featured in Dosage 1 and since its first acent, it´s only had two repeats. This is impressive as it resides at one of the most popular ´hard´ crags in Europe and has been tried by some of the world´s best climbers.