Sharma's new project: Home improvements

I had a brief chat with Chris Sharma today, basically just to check what's up. Chris says it seems like the season is kinda finished in the Laborati sector at Margalef”So FRFM will have to wait till the fall. At this point I feel I've had plenty of time and am more than happy for others to get on the thing. I'm still psyched to do it, so we'll see if somehow we get lucky with the temps. If not, tranquilo. Next fall, a muerte.”So what's the plan for the summer?”I'll be at home doing some home improvements. We're building a climbing wall and I'll be going to the Arco rockmaster. We'll see, maybe Ceüse or Verdon or use the summer heat to bolt some new lines and have them ready when the weather gets good again. I'll also do my kids climbing camp in California in August with Yo Basecamp.The kids are psyched and it's really good for me too, to do something to give back and contribute. Also it's cool to get a chance to spend time with my good friend Andy Puhvel, the founder of the camp, one of my best friends and the guy who gave me my first climbing class when I was 12.”Let's hope the fall and winter will be better than the last. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen