Sheffield´s School Room Under Threat of Closure

by Paul Bennett The infamous ?School Room? boards in Sheffield are currently under threat, as Sheffield City Council have asked all current users of the Heeley Bank School building to vacate by November ?07.The boards were originally built in 1993 by Gavin Ellis, Ben Tye and Andy Coish as conditions at Peak Limestone venues (at which they trained) were not always ideal.Over the years some of the leading lights in British climbing have cut their teeth at the School Room (these include Jerry Moffatt, Ben Moon, Malcolm Smith and more recently Richard Simpson), testing themselves against the vast array of hard problems doumented over numerous years, spanning up to Font 8b, and hard 8b at that. You may have seen some of these problems as the boards have featured in a number of iconic climbing films such as ?One Summer? and ?The Real Thing.? Currently users of the building are petitioninng the local council to try and secure the future of the building and the boards. If you would like to register your support please sign the petition located at the reception desk of ?The Climbing Works?, Sheffield. For a more thorough history lesson: SOURCES: