Shipton/Tilman Grant Winners

For the past twelve years, W. L. Gore &Associates, Inc. (inventor of GORE-TEX(r) fabric), has celebrated Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman´s contributions to the world of exploration through the Shipton/Tilman Grant.This award was developed in their honor and is presented to explorers that, through their own endeavors, embody the philosophies of Shipton and Tilman, and their advocacy for small expeditions.This year, six teams were chose by the grant´s review panel to receive financial contributions towards their expeditions. “This year´s grant winners are dedicated to exploring some of the most remote and demanding environments across the globe, and in their ventures embody the spirit of Shipton and Tilman´s exploration principles.” This year, a total of over $28,000 was awarded to the following six expeditions: The New Zealand Southern Andes Graham Charles, Mark Jones, and Marcus Waters are planning the first Sea kayak and mountaineering expedition to the Southern Andes on the island ofTierra Del Fuego.If they are successful, the team will be the first to complete a self-propelled return traverse of the Cordillera Darwin on Tierra Del Fuego.The expedition will begin in Ushuaia, Argentina at the foot ofthe Martial Mountains.Paddling sea kayaks into the notorious westerlies of the Beagle Channel, they will journey west to the secret ice filled fjords that apron the Cordillera Darwin.After 500km of paddling, they will use ice axes and crampons following in the footsteps of Shipton on the Cordillera Darwin.Weaving a route through the glaciers and ice fields of the Cordillera, the team will climb the range´s highest peak, Mt. Darwin, and traverse 150km of remote, complex terrain back to Ushuaia.The expedition will begin in December 2002, with completion in February 2003. Tham Pha Puek Caving In May of this year, Mark Cosslett, James Harrison Hewett, Will Hair, and John Spies will attempt the Tham Pha Puek Caving Expedition.The expedition will adapt and implement self-contained breathing apparatus to furtherexplore caves in Northern Thailand.To improve upon the accomplishments made in a previous expedition, the team will explore numerous cave systems previously limited by high concentrations of CO2.The group includes specialists to survey new cave passages and to document biologicaldiscoveries.In the process, they will also develop and implement technology that would result in huge discoveries in Thailand, and serve to facilitate further underground exploration of bad air caves worldwide. The McMahon Line 2003 A team of five:Julian Freeman-Attwood, Doug Scott CBE, Roger Mear, Skip Novak, and John Lecky, will explore and attempt a first ascent of Nyegi Kangsang.The Nyegi Kangsang is a 23,114 ft peak that lies on the McMahon line (marks the Arunachal Pradesh/Tibetan border).The exploration significance of this summit is it is the last 7000-meter peak unclimbed east of Bhutan.The expedition will take place in March and April of 2003. The Barrenlands Wildwater In early July of this year, Middy Tilghman and Andrew McEwan will navigate the Back, Hayes, and Quoich Rivers.In addition, they will explore twounnamed tributaries, and demonstrate and extend the possibilities for long distance paddling exploration in remote regions across the globe.This artic expedition will utilize the native mode of transport, the kayak, as means for long-range exploration.The 1200-mile, unsupported venture will explore and usurp the previously set limits of self-contained, long-range expeditions. Scottish West Face of Kizil Asker A team comprised of Esmond Tresidder, Blair Fyffe, and Guy Robertson, will attempt the second ascent of the West face of Kizil Asker via a new route. The team will climb alpine style. Kizil Asker is the biggest and most impressive mountain in the Western Kokshaal Too region of the Tien Shan. Despite this fact, it has only received an ascent in 1985 through a prolonged siege style route on the 1500m-west face.The Scottish West Face of Kizil Asker expedition will begin July 2002. Watkins Mountains to Kuummiut, East Greenland 2002 From May 26-July 27, 2002, Rupert Capleton and Steven Jeff will complete a ski journey from the Watkins Mountains to Kuummiut in East Greenland.While experiencing true wilderness, the expedition will undertake exploratorymountaineering and attempt first ascents on the outlying Nunatak peaks. Throughout the journey, the team will be entirely self sufficient, carrying all equipment on sledges, and skiing the length of the trek, which is approximately 500 miles.The pair will explore and climb some of the most remote peaks of the Frederik Kronprin Bjerge range, most of which were never previously visited or climbed due to its remote location.