Siegrist does Kryptonite

Jonathan Siegrist, or “JSTAR” as he likes to call himself(?). Has repeated Tommy Caldwell's Kryptonite, 9a, at the Fortress of solitude, for his first of the grade, after five days of work (and roughly ~7½ hours of hiking).”Once I left the ground, any nervousness, stress or anxiety dissolved.. I drew my attention to only my next move.. rest.. move.. rest.. move…. clip anchors.It went just like I wanted it to- perfectly. Every movement, rest sequence, foot placement and clip was executed in the very same way that I had been dreaming about. It was as though I had just rehearsed the route in my head, move for move, but this time the emotion of victory was real. This achievement represents an important breakthrough for me and I hope that it's just a stepping stone to whatever may come next.. A whisper of a goal from years ago, became realistic, and then was accomplished. I could not be more stoked!!”Of course he is! Especially as he had decided long ago this was to be his first 9a.Jonathan is now heading to Kentucky and the Red river gorge, where he spent some time last year, climbing… almost everything hard. He'll stay in this part of the country until December, and I'm counting on a steady flow of news 😉

The Fortress of solitudeBjörn Pohl – UKC, Sep 2010© Jonathan Siegrist

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