Simone Pedeferri climbs 8c?

Simone Pedeferri has managed to repeat Aldo Rovelli´sJava, 8c, at…somewhere in Italy.I don´t know very much about this guy other then that he has sent at least two more 8c´s: Alla ricerca della Ventura at Sasso Pelo and Spit fire at Valmasino. If anyone has more info, email us. Our friends at Toscoclimb has some more information about Simone: Java can be found at Sasso Remenno and is in fact 8b+/c. It has been repeated by M.Bruseghini. Spit fire is around 8b+, and so is Alla ricerca…, at least according to Christian Brenna. Simone has, however, opened another proposed 8c, Altman, also at Sasso Remenno. It was opened one year ago and is still unrepeated.