8th Krakow Mountain Festival is over

It has become a part of tradition that the Krakow Mountain Festival hosts great personalities of the climbing community, excellent films, the highest quality photographs and sport emotions – the Polish Bouldering Championships.

Fotostrecke: 8th Krakow Mountain Festival

As in the previous years, the organizers observed huge numbers of spectators. During the shows of climbing stars – Adam Ondra, Catherine Destivelle and Robert Jasper – the festival hall was totally full. Each time the hall was filled by 1,400 people. Also during presentations of the Polish climbing stars, including the conqueror of all eigththousanders – Piotr Pustelnik – there were no empty seats left.

One of the highlights of the 8th Krakow Mountain Festival, apart from the climbing stars, was the premiere of the International Film Competition Grand Prix KFG 2010. The jury decided that the most impressive film was Alone on the Wall by Peter Mortimer, which is a portrait of an American climber, Alex Honnold. The jury appreciated: the exceptional personality of the main character which redefines the meaning of the word “hero' and changes our perception of what is possible in solo climbing. The simple and unpretentious way of telling the story deserves additional credit.

The second place was taken ex aequo by two films: a Japanese picture Signatures by Nick Waggoner for its exceptional aesthetics, tasteful visual side and impressive camerawork in extreme conditions and a Polish film Deklaracja nie?miertelno?ci by Marcin Kosza?ka for universality of the story. Marcin Kosza?ka explored a theme rarely featured in mountain films – the elderly age and  passage of time. The film, realised with great care, exceeds beyond current standards of mountain films.

Simultaneously to the international competition, the Polish Mountain Film Competition Grand Prix KFG 2010 took place. Eliza Kubarska was awarded the main prize for her film Co si? wydarzy?o na wyspie Pam, which tells a story of setting up a new route on the highest cliff of Greenland. The Jury appreciated great pictures, an original story of two people and an attempt to answer fundamental questions about partnership in mountains and life.

The Krakow Mountain Festival stands also for the prestigious Jedynka Award – awarded by the climbing community in recognition of exceptional climbing achievements of the passing year. This year, Jedynka went to ?ukasz Dudek, one of the best Polish rock climbers.Two of his rock ascents were especially recognized – the first ascent of Made in Poland, graded 9a and consequently being one of the most difficult sport routes in Poland and his repetition of Ali Hulk 9a RP in Rodellar, which was the fifth “nine a” done by Dudek.

We can already invite everybody for the next year's edition of the 9th Krakow Mountain Festival!

QuelleDorota Dubicka