Der Brite Richard Simpson wiederholt Action Directe

Okay everybody here is the news you
have all been waiting for. Just got a text message from Rich Simpson
who is one of Moon's top sponsored climber and he has just made the 1st
British repeat and I think the 5th repeat overall of Action Directe the
infamous Wolfgang Gullich route in the German Frankenjura. Touted as
the worlds 1st 9a it should be top of any self respecting sport
climbers hit list of hard routes.

Rich just texted me the following

“Just did it everything was perfect. im so happy it's like a drug
for the next few hours i will be gone totally out of here. it's no
longer a dream. thanks”

Rich obviously has a strong sense of climbing tradition and has
been working his way through all the classic sport routes of the 80's
and 90's ticking a long the way routes such as La Rose et la Vampire
8b, Le Minimum 8b+, Agincourt 8c, Wall Street 8c, Liquid Amber 8c,
Hubble 8c+ and now Action Directe.

I personally want to congratulate Rich on his massive effort. He
has been been so focused, worked so hard and deserves all the sucess he

We will have a personal report plus hopefully some pics or video
action from Rich just as soon as he can get to an internet connection!

Ben Moon

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QuelleText & Foto: MoonClimbing