Sport & Ice Climbing Roundup

After a spate of newsworthy ascents on home soil a couple of weeks ago it´s all gone quiet of late. Overseas however Dave MacLeod has continued his run of good form with an ascent of L´odi Social, f8c+, in Siurana, Spain. This is the hardest route Dave has climbed to date. There´s a thorough write-up on his Blog.Dani Andrada has repeated Desarollo Insostenible, f8c+. Normally this wouldn?t be newsworthy as it´s a couple of grades below Dani´s normal operating level, but it´s unusual because this is a repeat of an established route. The vast majority of Dani´s ascents are new routes. Whilst some have been seeking what winter warmth there is on the limestone others are embracing the cold weather.Rounds two and three of the Ice World Cup were completed over the last two weekends. Jenny Lavrada and Evgeny Kryvosheytsev won the 2nd round in Saas Fee, whilst Petra Muller and Evgeny took the honours in the third and final round in Romania. Overall winners were Evgeny and Jenny. Source: