Adam Ondra in der “Dawn Wall” (Push #1)

Adam Ondra hat in seinem "Ground Up Push" bereits die Hauptschwierigkeiten der "Dawn Wall" erfolgreich hinter sich gebracht und hat nun nur noch 11 "leichte" Seillängen vor sich.

20.11.2016 – Report von Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra in der 'Dawn Wall' (Push #1) (c) Pavel Blazek
Adam Ondra in der “Dawn Wall” (c) Pavel Blazek

Made it to the Wino tower tonight! Deep satisfaction, peace and fire at the same time in my heart and soul. Perfect conditions today and perfect focus. That means only 11 “easy” (5.10 – 5.12) pitches left. We would have continued, but looks like it will rain soon. Which means forced restday tomorrow and hopefully finishing it off on Monday. Detailed report on @blackdiamond and @mytendon soon.

19.11.2016 – Report von Adam Ondra

On cloud nine! It has been magical evening. I was focused and calm. The mindset when climbing is actually fun! Sent the pitch 14 (5.14d) on my first go after a little warm up. Then, after it got dark and having heartbraking fall on the top of pitch 15 (5.14c or d), I could still give it one more shot and send it too. Skin feels to painful to continue tonight, but I will continue tomorrow!

18.11.2016 – Report von Adam Ondra

Damn! Climbed super poorly, so much pressure, so nervous! Needed 7 tries to make it through the first boulderproblem on pitch 14, a boulderproblem that i never really found very hard before, but somehow felt really hard today. I slipped on my first try, then on my second try, then just freaked out and felt so insecure with my feet trying to climb as carefully as possible but kept slipping nevertheless. Then, on my 7th try, I did the boulderproblem, and fell from the last move. Hard to find some optimism, but I will try it again. Tomorrow and hopefully with better mindset. Thanks everyone for encouragement! I am sorry for today, hopefully there is still the chance!

Little dyno on the top of pitch 11 (5.13c). Waiting for the late afternoon shade to give pitch 14 (5.14d) a shot and if it works out, keep on going through the pitch 15 (5.14c or d) in the dark. Then it is all opened and depending on how I will feel.

QuelleAdam Ondra, Foto: Pavel Blazek