Storms over Stanage

Following Neil Foster´s strong editorial in High Magazine criticising Chris Craggs for his plans to privately publish an alternative Stanage guidebook, the BMC Peak Area Meeting (22/3) addressed the issue. During the debate, Richard Turnbull said he would not sell a pirate Stanage guide in Outside shops, and other strong words of criticism were voiced. At the end of the debate a motion was proposed by Andy Kirkpatrick and Niall Grimes as follows: “We are very concerned about the plans of Cicerone Press and Chris Craggs to publish ´comprehensive´ guidebooks to the Stanage Area and other popular Derbyshire Gritstone areas. These will effectively steal the “moral” “intellectual property” of the climbing world for private gain. We urge climbers to continue to give their full support to the BMC definitive guides and we urge Cicerone Press and Chris Craggs to reconsider their plans which clearly threaten the viability of a long and successful tradition.”It is understood that as a result of these developments Cicerone Press is reconsidering its plans to publish the guide.