The Great Climb – BBC 2

There will be some exciting climbing action on on TV next weekend, when BBC 2 screens ´The Great Climb´.It will star the likes of Dave Macleod, Ben Heason, Barry Blanchard and Ed February performing for the cameras in the Cairngorms. Dave Macleod is set to try a new route for the programme. One line that Dave has been eyeing looks, according to him, like a prospective E10 or 11. ” A beautiful smooth marbly wall which looked utterly inspiring. I abseiled down it quickly and found a perfect line of miniscule brick edges running up it, but very (extremely) little protection available,” said Dave on Friday. “At E8, even E9, I could wait until the filming team were ready and wear a radio mic etc so they get the grunting they want. But E10 is very very close to my limit, and the consequences of blowing it as high as they could get. So to climb this next Saturday, the temperature and humidity must be right, the build up must be right, the social vibe must be right, the resting times must be right. If anything upsets the necessary rhythm of preparation, I will have to make a cold decision to pass up the opportunity to complete this amazing project and go back to my plan for the E8/9 just to the right.”The BBC bill ´The Great Climb´ as, “A unique televised event which will showcase the skills and personalities of an elite group of climbers, as they pit themselves against the challenge of extreme climbs in the extraordinary landscape of the high Cairngorms.” BBC Two Scotland, Saturday 18 August, 1300-1900.BBC Two network, 1725-1835.Also on BBCi (red button) and streamed online on this site.