The Hoette files

Nathan Hoette has been touring around Australia for the last 6 months and has been in a league of his own as far as redpointing routes this year. In the last 12 months he has redpointed no less than 9 8b+´s , 15 8b´s , and to many 8a+´s and 8a´s to count. His best recent efforts were Mr Tickle and Mr Line , both 8b+´s at Diamond Falls, the 2nd accent of Bossanova (8b) in the Grampians and the 1st accent of a new 8b on Spurt wall in the Grampians called The Cripple Nipple. Not since Garth Miller has a climber redpointed so many of the countries hardest routes. Although Hoette is quick to point out that he belives Miller is still climbing two grades ahead of him and he has a long way to go before even comming close too Millers proess. To quote Nathan “Garth is the most under estimated climber in the world in my opinion , and he still can burn me any day of the week” He is currently still road tripping till the end of Janurary so no doubt there is still more to come!