The King Of Kings

by Fitz Cahall “Picking projects at your physical and mental limits means constant exposure to the reality of failure. The struggle crushes many, weeding out the strong-fingered charlatans from the lifers. Above it all reigns Chris Sharma, 26, an athlete endowed with unparalleled physical strength and mental tenacity, dominating world sport climbing and bouldering for the last dozen years.Last July, six years after his historic ascent of Realization ? the first confirmed 5.15a in the world ? Sharma returned to Ceüse to tick another monster, Three Degrees of Separation, redpointed on July 23. This 5.14d follows desperate climbing up tufas and micro-crimps to series of three spectacular, all-points-off dynos, a hyper-dynamic line one French climber deemed “c´est moderne.” For someone who´s spent the last decade on the road, the Ceüse trip was a coming home of sorts.” Read the full interview by Fitz Cahall only at ( Source: Climbing magazine )