The Passing of Frau Biner

by Smiler Cuthbertson Paula Biner with Rosanne and Walter Bonatti Alpine climbers, walkers and others throughout the UK will be saddened to learn of the death of Frau ´Paula´ Biner. She died peacefully in Zermatt, Switzerland, on Tuesday 23rd October. She had reached the grand old age of 90. Well known by many British alpinists and Matterhorn climbers, together with her brother, Bernard, she ran the Bahnhof Hotel in Zermatt for many years, helping many climbers on their way to the world´s most sought after summit. After the death of her husband, Paula continued to manage the hotel until her niece Kathy Lauber took over. The Bahnhof Hotel is still to this day the accommodation most British climbers choose to use when in Zermatt. Paula recently attended the celebrations of the 150 years of the Alpine Club (see photo), held in Zermatt in June, where she was presented with the recently published book celebrating the Alpine Club´s association with the Matterhorn and Zermatt, by the author, George Band. The funeral will be held today, 26th October, in Zermatt. She will be sadly missed.