The Paul Robinson stories

As mentioned before, Paul Robinson is now back in Ticino, Switzerland, for another attack on The Story of 2 worlds, Dave Graham's 8C+ on the Dreamtime block at Cresciano. News about the progress is that Paul now has better beta for the 2nd part of the problem, Toni Lamprecht's The Dagger, 8B+.The difference is he now uses toe hooks instead of heel hooks on a couple of moves. The new beta was given to him by German Andy Barth, who repeated The Dagger a couple of days ago. Although the change is only a subtle one, according to Paul, it makes a huge difference and feels confident he will be able to climb the whole thing unless the weather turns crap.Paul Robinson's project at BrioneBjörn Pohl – UKC, 28 Feb 2011© Paul RobinsonJust because Paul wants to do The story…, it doesn't mean he takes time to repeat other problems, or find new projects elsewhere. The other day, he found a nice looking one at Brione. Edges, ramps and sidepulls takes you to a 7Bish mantle. How hard? Paul says 8B or harder, depending on if the footholds turns out to be in the right positions.Here's a video of Paul repeateing a different story, The Never Ending story, 8B+, at Magic wood in the Averstal, Switzerland, to keep you until I've got some proper news. Hopefully a repeat of The problem mentioned above.Paul Robinson has several sponsors including La Sportiva, prAna and Black Diamond Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen