The Real Business Begins on Dawn Wall, El Cap

After 65 days or so of work, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson felt ready for an attempt of freeing their Dawn wall project, also known as “Mescalito”, on El Cap in the (Yosemite) valley.They have now climbed the first 9 pitches. Those first 9 are a formidable challange in their own right, with pitches of 8b+, 8b, 8b, 8a+ and 8a, but still, they're a mere warm up compared to what's coming.As Kevin put it in his latest tweet: “Pitch 9 is done. Now the real business begins: 5.14b ish, 5.13d ish, 5.14b ish, 5.14c ish, 5.14c ish”.In our money, this means ~8c, ~8b, ~8c, ~8c+ and ~8c+, making it harder than any multi-pitch previously attempted. And by some margin too.If you want to follow their progress, you can either check out Kevin's twitter (kjorgeson) or Rebecca Caldwell's blog.

The Dawn wall project© Björn Pohl – UKC, Nov 2010

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