The Smoni-report

Yesterday, at Lindental, Simon “Smoni” Wandeler climbed the very long Traverse E la nave va fb trv. 8C. Climbed 1993 by Frédéric Nicole, repeated also by Fred Rhouhling, Josune Bereziartu and Richard Otegui. Smoni spent around 3 weeks to get all the sequences and started before with the short Variant of it which is fb trv 8B+ He says it´s really something different to climb 35-40 meters from left to the right but over time he really got into the challenge and came further and further.. Smoni had already a nice climbing year with nice routes and Boulders in between Slovenia and Swizerland. 8c/c+, Konez Mira, Osp, Slovenia 8c/c+, Vitaparcours, Galerie, CH 8c/c+, Peschmerga, Engelberg, CH, 1st redpoint 8c, L´apelle de la Foret, Chuenisberg, CH 8c, But du Monde, Shoiere, CH 8c, Lit Marvaille, Galerie, CH 8c, Natural link, Osp, Slovenia 8c, Atila, Baratron, ITA, 1st Redpoint 8C , E la nave va, Lindental, CH, (fb Trv.) This is only the hard stuff. He also climbed around 6 8b+´s with rope and 6 Boulders between 8A-8B. Right now he´s preparing to get ready to be the route setter for the World Cup in Valance, France and Kranj, Slovenia. So back to Plastic like in the great old times.