The World's Bouldering Elite In Sheffield

Last years BMC British Bouldering Championships at Cliffhanger Alex Messenger

Bouldering World Cup Hits Sheffield in July:Around 120 of the world's top boulderers will be in Sheffield in July for the IFSC Bouldering World Cup.The Sheffield round of the World Cup is one of 7 events worldwide, the other rounds being in America, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Russia and Switzerland.The World Cup is being held at the Cliffhanger event at Millhouses Park over two days, Saturday and Sunday, 3rd and 4th of July in the same humungous marquee as last years British Bouldering Championships (BBC's).'Ondra might come, he is on the list for the first two Boulder World Cups this year so we will just have to wait and see about him'The BBC's themselves will be held a week before the World Cup, 26-27 June, in the same marquee (free entry). Full details at this BMC News Report.I asked Graeme Alderson, an IFSC Technical Delegate and co-owner of The Climbing Works, who will be attending,'Well it's a bit early to know for sure ? registration closes two weeks before the event and most teams register as late as possible. But the following are virtually definite, Kilian Fischhuber, Alex Johnson, Gabriele Moroni and Anna Stohr.Routes setters Jason Pickles, Andy Long, Ian Vickers and Percy Bishton (Andy Earl seated).UKC News, 04 May 2010© Mick Ryan – UKClimbing.comPlus lots of French, Dutch, Swiss, Japanese, Koreans etc. Have a look here and take your pick. As Sheffield is NOT the last round we won't be affected by the 'it's the last round and I am out of contention for top3/top10/etc so I won't go' that you often get at the final round each year.Ondra might come, he is on the list for the first two Boulder World Cups this year so we will just have to wait and see about him.'The climbers will be battling it out for 13,000 Euros in prize money in the first Bouldering World Cup held in the UK since 2006.Will they stay over for a bit?'Well I would reckon some of them might, particularly the specialist boulderers. There is not another boulder event until Arco on 16-18 July so I reckon some might stay for a bit. The climbers who also do lead (e.g., Ondra) won't stay as there is a Lead World Cup in Chamonix on 12-13 July.'Sheffield City Council are sorting out some cheap accommodation for the competitors.After you have paid your £5 entry to Cliffhanger the World Cup is free to watch, but if you can't make it will be webcast by the same outfit, Horizon, who filmed and broadcast the recent Climbing Works International Festival 2010 (CWIF) – CWIF ResultsMore details about the Sheffield IFSC Bouldering World Cup at big thanks to Sheffield City Council who are funding the Sheffield IFSC Bouldering World Cup. The Climbing Works who are providing the competition isolation zone and Thornbridge Outdoors (local outdoor education centre) who are providing the transport to get the competitors to and fro, free of are a sponsor of Cliffhanger and the Sheffield IFSC Bouldering World CupOther sponsors include Decathlon, Lookers Ford, The Climbing Works, Sheffield Hallam University, Berghaus and POD Sacs.

Top women boulderers Melanie Sandoz, Chloé Graftiaux, Johanna Ernst, Sabine Bacher and Katharina Saurwein UKC News, 04 May 2010© Mick Ryan –
Top climbers Gabriele Moroni and Thomas Caleyron.UKC News, 04 May 2010© Mick Ryan –
Gareth Parry, along with Stew Watson, Dave Barrans and Ned Feehally – are UK contenders.UKC News, 04 May 2010© Mick Ryan –

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