Three Shot Dead and Cable Car Bombed on Mt. Elbrus

On Friday the 18th of February a bomb exploded in the ski resort on the slopes of Mount Elbrus in the Caucasus mountains, European Russia. Three tourists were gunned down as they travelled to the ski resort by minibus on the same day.The bomb, thought to be set by Islamist militants, severely damaged a major ski lift, bringing several cable cars smashing to the ground. Luckily no one was injured in the attack.The fatal shootings of the three tourists occurred “after a group of men in a black car with no number plates stopped them on a road leading toward Elbrus in Baksan district. The men demanded documents and then opened fire, killing two men and one woman, and injuring two other passengers.” reported The Guardian newspaper.

Elbrus© mhpedersen, Jul 2004

Since last Friday Russian forces have carried out air strikes and mortar attacks on Mount Elbrus in a hunt for militants. A shelter stocked with food, weapons and explosives was found on the slopes of Elbrus, a spokesman for the National Anti-Terrorism Committee told the Moscow Times Newspaper.The mountain, considered by many to be the highest in Europe and consequently one of the '7 Summits' is a busy peak. The normal route up the mountain makes use of the chairlift system. The ski resort is popular with those seeking out a more budget skiing holiday.According to the Telegraph newspaper, the Russian envoy has now called for tourism to be stopped in the Caucasus resort until the area is more stable.More information can be found on:The GuardianThe TelegraphThe Moscow Times Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen