Tim Clifford Solves The Room Project at Squamish

Tim Clifford Late last month, one of the Yorkshire Dark Horses, Tim Clifford, unlocked the sequence of one of Squamish´s (Canada) last great boulder problems that had been tried by some of the best boulderers in the world. Known as the Room Project, ” a clean granite wall maybe 15 feet high, overhanging by about thirty degrees with very faint slopy holds and rails leading to the top.” Tim, formerly of Leeds, England and now resident in Squamish said at the Moonblog: “To be the first person to unlock this problem felt great, as to how hard I don´t know – maybe v14 but it´s so hard to grade things. All I know it´s the best problem I´ve done, great moves, perfect rock and the only way up the face of the boulder” Tim is a boulderers boulderer, and has a legacy of hard ascents all over Europe and the USA up to V14. He was featured in an article, How Tim Clifford tamed the Wild West at UKClimbing.com, you can read it here.