Tim Emmett and Jerome Blas Gras – Fressiniere Super Route

Tim Emmett and French mountain guide Jerome Blas Gras recently climbed Sous L'oeil Des Choucas (300m, V/6+/M5+/6a/A2) at Fressiniere, France.Their ascent is thought to be the third over-all ascent of this difficult and beautiful line. The pair managed to climb the route entirely free and on-sight, and thought the 7 pitches were worth: M5, M6, WI 7, M6, M9, WI 6+, WI 4. The guys carried BASE rigs with them, hoping to BASE jump from the top.Tim commented:”Absolutely stunning line and for sure the best ice/mixed line I have ever climbed. It's awesome! We got to the top, knackered, just as it was getting dark, so didn't manage to get it together to jump off, so abseiled down instead.” You can view a crag shot of the climb here: UKC PhotoThe route was first climbed in 1996 by Christopher Moulin, T Clarasso and P Guiraud with two sections of aid.Tim and Jerome were filmed by Charley Chambers and the film will be released at the Outdoors Show, March 09.Tim Emmett is supported by Mountain Hardware. You can read more info about this ascent on his PlanetFear Blog.Tim is also doing a lecture tour in 2009. You can find out more on the Speakers from the Edge Website.Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf UKClimbing.com anschauen