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Melissa le NevéUKC News, 19 Feb 2011© Olivier CarpentieriHere are the latest bouldering ascents from around the world:At Franchard Ermitage, Fontainebleau, Paul Robinson has made the 2nd ascent of Kevin Lopata's La force du destin, 8B+. The problem is unusually crimpy for being in the french forest, with a crux involving a nasty skin eating spike followed by a BIG move to the gain the top slopers and a scary mantle. Paul, who is considerably shorter than Kevin, had come close a couple of times before, but both times his efforts were halted by a split tip.Meanwhile at Bishop, a couple of French girls, AlizÃe Dufraisse and Melissa Le NevÃ, who thought the weather would be nicer there than back home in France, found out this wasn't entirely true after a few days of rain and snow… They sat it out however and celebrated by repeating Beefy gecko, 8A. For AlizÃe it was the 2nd ever of the grade and for Mel it was the first.Guillaume Glairon Mondet is also climbing well and is now planning to make the 2nd ascents of Paul Robinson's Mandala direct assis and Shawn Diamond's Direct north, both 8B+. Let's just hope the weather stays good. Who knows, Nalle Hukkataival, who made a quick repeat of Direction, 8B, might beat him to it.Here is a video of Kevin Lopata's first ascent of La force du destin. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen