Tragedy On K2

by Jason A. Hendricks K2, the world´s 2nd highest peak A tragedy on K2 is unfolding. Report by Jason A. Hendricks. We have yet to verify this report with Jason. The reports are getting quite hard to follow.Many of the expeditions involved on K2 are from International countries, and many of those don´t speak English.I will try to update the best I can from what I know at this point. It is being reported that one porter has died.This is in relation to earlier reports that I could not previously confirm.The climbing porter was working with Adventure Tours Pakistan, which also has a french climber that they can not find or get in contact with.His condition is not known at this point, as he is still missing. Hushe Trek and Tours, who is coordinating the Italian K2 Expedition has one member that has been injured and is requiring rescue attention.Supposedly this member fell in the Bottleneck and has broken an arm or leg.This member is currently being helped down from Camp IV.All other members are accounted for. Gerard McDonnell, a member of the Dutch International K2 Expedition, is currently missing. He is being listed as living in Alaska, United States. It is being reported that a third climber has died at Camp IV.There has not been a confirmation on this information?or a mention of who it might be. Hunza Guides Pakistan is reporting that all members of their Singapore K2 Expedition has been accounted for and they are currently helping in the rescue process. The Korean Expedition is reporting that all members have been accounted for and all are safe.This expedition is with Blue Sky Trek and Tours. The Frenchman Hugues d´Auberede is currently missing and unaccounted for. Marco Confortola and Wilco van Rooijen dug in a bivouac and spent the night at 8,300 meters.It is being listed that their current where-abouts is unknown Jasmine Tours is reporting on all three of it´s current expeditions, including the Norit K2 Expedition, as well as the Sunny Mountain Chogri Expedition and the International K2 Expedition.All members from both of the latter two expeditions are safe and helping in rescue efforts.Three members of the Norit K2 Expedition are currently still trapped above the bottleneck. More information has come out on the death of Serbian climber Dren Mandic.Mandic died after a fall around Camp IV.His body was found near Camp 3. That would make it a 650 meter fall.His body has been buried near Camp III by his team members, who are now descending to basecamp. News is still kind of confusing as to who has died and who is still trapped above the bottleneck.I am hearing varied reports of 5 climbers still trapped?7 climbers still trapped?or as many as 12.It is definitely a precarious situation. It is also being reported that there were injuries resulting from the ice collapse above the bottleneck.At this point with some members still unacounted for, we can only hope for the best in this situation. Many international teams, climbers and expeditions on K2 are currently involved in trying to rescue those climbers still in the death zone.The weather is currently holding, but the weather will take a big turn come Monday.It is essential that all rescue efforts are concentrated and as much help that can be done, take place before this time period. Let´s keep all members, climbers, rescue workers, Expedition companies and their families in our thoughts and prayers and wish them the best of luck in rescuing the remaining climbers currently trapped or Lost on K2.Very sad. More reports at :,