Troll British Indoor Climbing Championships Series Results

In a mixture of nail-biting finalés, and seemingly inevitable trophy collections, the 2001 Troll British Indoor Climbing Championships were concluded at the Leeds Walls last Saturday. Whilst Lucy Creamer (right) clearly demonstrated her lead amongst the women, with a clean 400 points, there was a battle amongst the senior men.The championship position was opened up to some extent by Steve McClure´s departure to China. Gareth Parry was clearly the favourite with two wins, and successes on the competitive bouldering circuit. His main rival, Chris Cubitt (left) had showed his form later, with two wins in a row, but to win overall he needed to win at Leeds, and for Gareth to come outside of the top three. It happened thanks to an awkward move low on the final route, giving Chris his first championship victory.Amongst the junior boys, Paul Smitton, despite victories in the previous two rounds couldn´t make up points lost earlier in the year, and was pipped to the post by Jamie Cassidy who showed consistently good form throughout. The junior women had a similar position to the seniors, with Jemma Powel (right), having dropped only 20 points at Sheffield (to an improving Sadie Renwick), with a clear run to victory. Photo credits: Lucy Creamer: Tim Glasby, Jemma Powel: John Arran, Chris Cubitt: Adrian Berry

Senior Men 1 Chris Cubitt2 Gareth Parry3 Steve McClure4 Adam Dewhurst5 Kristian Clemmow6 Richard Bingham7 Robert Elliot8 Adrian Baxter9 Guy Dixon10 Roddy Mackenzie11 James Woolley12 Drew Haigh13 Ross Henighen14 Tom Sugden15= Jack Geldard15= Ben Bransby17 John Arran17= Paul Robins19= Graham Desroy19= Diego Rodriguez21= Andy Chapman21= Sean James23= Adam Hocking23= Sam Cattell25 Dave Pickford26 Allan Campbell27 Malcolm Kent28 Christian Roth Junior Men1 Jamie Cassidy2 Paul Smitton3 Stewart Watson4 Ian Hollows5 Adam Mulholland6 Tom Lawrence7 Ashley Clarke8 Chris Whiteman9 Aaron Nattrass10 Michael Reedie11 Joel Millward-Hopkins12 Tom Bolger13= Sam Lichfield13= Nathan Lawrence15= David Lee15= Toby Philip17 Neil Dickson18 Joel Williams19 Danny Cattell Senior Women1 Lucy Creamer2 Karin Magog3 Abigail Egan4 Alison Martindale5 Anne Arran6 April Marr7= Lucinda Hughes7= Abigail May9 Katy Holden10 Elinor Curry11 Ruth Taylor12 Emma-Jayne Powis13 Holly Reay14 Caroline Mackenzie15 Julia Worboys16 Rachel Carr17 Katie Mills18 Anita Buxton Junior Women1 Jemma Powell2 Sadie Renwick3 Emma Twyford4 Rosemary Shaw5 Victoria Hurley6 Hazel Duff