Two 8c+´s in a day for David Graham

by Dougald MacDonald David Graham Dougald MacDonald reports: Despite a lingering finger injury, the American climber David Graham is firing on all cylinders in Spain. Last month, he redpointed two 8c+ routes in a single day at the Spanish crag Terradets, and then, two weeks later, redpointed a 9a.David Graham waxed: ?I felt lazy and weak, and what?s crazy is, I climbed the first 8c+, La Leccion 8, first try! I was so psyched because I was pumped stupid, and just battled through it with cold hands, and really surprised myself ? it did not feel like the day. I said I would chill for the rest of the day, and then immediately said forget it, I?ll try the other 8c+, I feel better. The Essencia de la Resistencia is less bouldery and more pure power endurance, thus the name, and normally it felt way harder then the other route (which is more bouldery). So I tied in and climbed it really well, just climbed like a resistance climber, and crushed. I was so psyched because this is not my style. I get pumped, I get REALLY pumped.? Read the full report and David Graham´s blog at ( Source: Climbing magazine )