Two 9a´s by Christian Bindhammer!, #2

Christian Bindhammer has repeated two 9a´s in 4 days. First to fall was Underground at Massone, Arco. The 20m route is essentially made up by three bouldering passages (8A, 7B+, 8A) with rests in between them. Christian fell on the last hard move four times before he finally reached the chain on his 3rd try of the day last Saturday. To be fair this route is by many considered 8c+/9a or even 8c+. The second 9a to fall was Alberto Gnerro´s recently opened Ground zero at Tetto Sarre. Christian had worked the route briefly this summer but had to give up due to bad conditions and form. This time things went better however. Working the moves he didn´t find them too hard and when he went on to try it, it went first go! Christian: “it was a 150% Go, one I´ve only had maybe 2-3 times in 10 years. The will was stronger than the power and endurance!” Just before Christian went south he also sent Showdown, 8c, in the Frankenjura. It´s extremely tight in the top of the rankings with three guys separated by only 5 points!