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Last December we launched the web site aimed at informing climbers about how they could support local bolting initiatives. The article giving some background to bolt funds in the UK is here.The initial response was excellent with hundreds of visits to the web site itself and many people going that bit further and clicking on one of the donation links. Since then activity has understandably dropped off a little but we are still seeing a fair amount of traffic going through the site. If you do visit, and you are on Facebook, then use the Facebook 'like' link to spread the word about the initiative, or add comments at the base of the web page.Gary Gibson has just enabled PayPal donations to be put through via his site and we have added this to Gary has done a staggering amount of re-equipping over the years, in fact I go so far as to say that anyone who has climbed in the Peak, South Wales, Clwyd or Dorset will certainly have clipped one of Gary's bolts at some stage. The photo below shows Exo6 at Masson Lees – one of the crags Gary has put most work into.Visit

Exo6 at Masson Lees in the Peak.UKC News, 14 Feb 2011© Gary Gibson Collection

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