Usobiaga Bags Another 9a

Nearly every third story in the last 10 days has been about Patxi Usobiaga but when someone is on such an increbile streak it´s hard not to keep reporting it. Over the last few weeks he has won the world leading indoor championships and climbed at least 6 routes graded 8c or harder (with the 8c being an onsight new route). He has now added to that list by climbing Esclatamaste, 9a at Perles and Mercenaris del passat, 8c+ in Santa Linya. Mercenaris del passat was climbed in just 2 tries with Patxi describing it as ´hard´ while Esclatamaste was also climbed in just 2 go´s in just 1 day with only 1 previous attempt on the line in May. Esclatamaste was first climbed by Ramon Julian and has seen only one repeat by Dave Graham so it is not an easy tick. Patxi´s achievements over the last few weeks have quite literally blown away all previous ´good weeks´ of climbing, not only climbing routes at the highest level but in times and attempts that just a few months ago would have seemed impossible. 9a is still the magic grade but at Patxi´s current state of fitness he is starting to make it look like a warm-up. You can read an interview with Patxi at this previous planetfear news story

Patxi on Mercenaris del passat, 8c+ in Santa Linya. ph:, 8c+ in Santa Linya. ph: <a title=”” href=”” target=”_new”>