Usobiaga Climbs La Rambla 9a+

Fresh from his World Cup leading success, Patxi Usobiaga has been on fire in Spain in the last week. Just a few days after regaining his trophy Patxi was completing the first ascent of Faxismoaren txontxongiloak 8c+ in Etxauri (Navarra-Spain). A few days later he then climbed Kidetasunaren balio erantzia 8c/8c+ also in Etxauri. Patxi stated that this “line (is) of superb beauty, it is a little overhanging with tiny holds and really far apart bolts”. Instead of relaxing and enjoying this fine success, he headed to Siruana onsighting an 8b+ and then sending the classic La Rambla, 9a+ in just 3 tries over 2 days – he had previously only been on it 6 times spread over 3 years with the last attempt in 2004. Even this didn´t slow him down, on the same day as his La Rambla success he climbed Estado crítico 8c+/9a in only 2 attempts! Once he actually has a decent rest it will be interesting to see what will he do. Related: La Rambla 9a+ or 9a+?? Source: