Usobiaga Onsights 8c+

The one man climbing machine Patxi Usobiaga has in the last few weeks torn up the climbing form book by first winning a world cup (for the 2nd year running), then going on a redpointing spree climbing two 9a+´s, three 9a´s, one 8c – onsight – all in an incredibly quick time. Today he further enhaced his reputation as the world´s leading sport climber by reportedly onsighting an 8c+ making him the first person to achieve this feat. Not only was it onsight but also a first ascent. “Bizi Euskaraz” is located in Etxauri, a crag in the Navarra region of Spain and was an open project for many years. On this historic ascent Patxi was captured making the ascent by a photographer (photos available on his & the local Ekaitz Maiz who had bolted the line. Patxi has described the line as hard 8c+ and coming after his last few weeks not many people will argue with his assessment. Source: