VIDEO 3: North Face Euro Road Trip: James Pearson and Gaz Parry

Gaz Parry on Blood Sugar Sex Magic at Misja Pec, SloveniaUKC News© Keith BradburyJames Pearson, Gaz Parry and Keith Bradbury are now at the MelloBlocco climbing festival in Italy, the final destination of their 40 day North Face Euro Road Trip.In the first two instalments we followed the boys as they left the UK and travelled to Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, then back to France. They then travelled and climbed in Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Czech, Austria, and Slovenia. It was at Osp, Slovenia that Gaz Parry had an amazing day, onsighting or flashing three 8a's. Even though they have been sport climbing, some sport climbs they have tried have not been without thrilling moments.This by Keith Bradbury about a route called Skruti Beh a 30m face (utilizing only 6 bolts!) near the village of Dolni Zleb in Czech.”The locals had given us a tidbit of information, but not giving anything away regarding the climbing as they wanted James to onsight it! I'm sure he wanted that too! What they did say was the following ?If you get to the second clip and are feeling a little pumped be careful clipping. If you fumble the clip you will hit the ground, so it's better to jump off and not try to clip?. You might be wandering about just how high this second clip is to warrant such a warning… it's placed at about 12 metres, so a potential ground fall is of some concern. Gaz reckoned it was something in the region of E5 or E6 to get to the second bolt, so this should give you a clue as to the style of bolting in the area.”Find out what happened at: thenorthfaceeu.typepad.comIn this their third video you can witness them climbing Alaska Kid in Voralpsee, Barr-bitturique in Gorge du Tarn, and Reve du Papillon in Buoux.VIDEO 1: North Face Euro Road TripVIDEO 2: North Face Euro Road Trip Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen