[VIDEO] Adam Ondra in Change (9b+)

Im Oktober 2012 gelang Adam Ondra in Norwegen die Erstbegehung von "Change" - der weltweit ersten Route im französischen Grad 9b+. Dieser kurze Film zeigt schon eindrucksvoll, wie es hier zur Sache geht und wie sehr sich Adam anstrengen musste, um schließlich den Durchstieg zu meistern.

Vimeo Text Last summer, Black Diamond athlete Adam Ondra made a highly productive trip to Hanshalleren, a massive granite cave outside the small town of Flatanger, Norway. Adam not only made short work of the cave's established hard routes (including onsighting two routes graded 5.14c/8c+), he made the first ascent of Thor's Hammer (5.15a/9a+) and bolted a futuristic project out the steepest section of the cave. On October 4, Adam managed to link this 55-meter-long beast, establishing Change, the world's first route graded 5.15c/9b+. Along with his recent first ascent of La Dura Dura in Oliana, Spain, Change stands as one of, if not the hardest route in the world.