Seb Bouin (c) Black Diamond Equipment

[VIDEO] Seb Bouin on “MOVE” (9b/+)

When choosing a project far from home, Seb Bouin realizes the challenges associated with distance: Not only when it comes to the difficulty of the route, but also in terms of motivation, focus and personal growth. But Move 9b/9b+ in Flatanger, Norway, was the perfect challenge and he couldn’t resist. Now Seb’s fully committed, and on to what he calls the "logical next step" of his progression.
Silence Premiere with Adam Ondra and Jerry Moffatt in Arco, Italy (c) Adam Ondra

[VIDEO] Silence Premiere with Adam Ondra and Jerry Moffatt in Arco, Italy

Let’s celebrate climbing and have a good time together! Listen to Adam and Jerry, two climbing legends, as they discuss climbing, and then watch the movie about the world’s first 9c.
Teaser: Adam Ondra's Silence (c) Adam Ondra

[VIDEO] Teaser: Adam Ondra’s Silence

On September 3, 2017, Adam Ondra completed Silence in Norway's Flatanger Cave. He graded the route, formerly known as "Project Hard," 9c (5.15d), which would make it the hardest pitch in the world. Watch a teaser for the upcoming film above.
Adam Ondra: Incredible moves in "Silence" (9c) (c) TENDON

[VIDEO] Adam Ondra: Incredible moves in “Silence” (9c)

Filmed in 2016: Adam Ondra and his unbelievable moves in route Project hard in Flatanger. This is one of hardest section with several turns. It will take a lot of time to link it. Stay tuned.
Magnus Midtbo And Alex Honnold: Norway Big Walls And Thor's Hammer (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Magnus Midtbo And Alex Honnold: Norway Big Walls And Thor’s Hammer

EpicTV athlete Magnus Midtbo meets up with climber Alex Honnold to try a big route in Magnus' home, Norway. The objective: an unclimbed route on the 1000m Kjerag wall, towering above the Lysefjord in south of the country.

[VIDEO] Daniel Woods And Dave Graham’s Return To Sport Climbing In Norway

Norway's Hanshelleren cave contains the densest concentration of hard sport climbs in the world. It's not where you would expect to find two of America's strongest boulderers.
Adam Ondra (c) Tommy Chandler

Adam Ondra: School is out and the Dawn Wall is calling

Black Diamond Ambassador Adam Ondra admits that there’s one major hole in his climbing resume. "I’m a little ashamed that I haven’t been to Yosemite yet," he told BD. But that’s about to change.
Generation Up - Ashima Shiraishi & Kai Lightner (c) Clif Bar & Company

[VIDEO] Generation Up – Ashima Shiraishi & Kai Lightner

The future is here. Ashima Shiraishi and Kai Lightner head to Flatanger Cave, Norway to test themselves on some of the hardest sport routes in the world. "It's definitely interesting to see this new wave of climbers, these kids that are doing the craziest things," Chris Sharma says in the video.
Jochen Perschmann in "Froskekongen" (8c) in Norwegen

[VIDEO] Jochen Perschmann in “Froskekongen” (8c) in Norwegen

Diese Route hat zwei Startmöglichkeiten. Entweder man startet weit unten in der Höhle und krallt sich an kleinen Leisten durch ein 4 Meter Volldach bis man an die Henkellippe kommt, was schätzungsweise bei fb 8b+ einpendelt. Die andere Startversion hat einen Jumpstart von einem riesigen Block direkt an die Lippe der Dachkante.
Jochen Perschmann in "Froskekongen" (8c) (c) Tom Thudium

Jochen Perschmann gelingt Erstbegehung von “Froskekongen” (8c) in Norwegen

Kaum zurück aus Australien ging es nach zwei Wochen in Deutschland für Jochen Perschmann zusammen mit dem DAV Felskader Baden-Württemberg auch schon wieder für einen Monat weiter nach Flatanger/Norwegen.


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