[VIDEO] Adam Ondra in Fontainebleau – Teil 1

Adam Ondra ist immer für ein Video gut und in diesem Fall eben nicht nur für ein, sondern sogar für drei Videos über seinen 4tägigen Trip ins französische Bouldermekka Fontainebleau, das er zu allerersten Mal (!) besuchte. Natürlich ließ er bei diesem Besuch nichts anbrennen...

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Black Diamond athlete Adam Ondra has recently focused his energies to the world of bouldering, and the results have been stunning. This December, fresh off his second ascent of Gioia in Italy (at 8C+, one of the hardest boulder problems in the world), Adam set off for his first-ever visit to the iconic boulders of Fontainebleau, France.

We sent videographer Alvi Pakarinen down to Font to film Adam during his four-day trip, and he was on the scene for a slew of hard sends by Adam, including his stunning flash of Gekko Assis (8b+), one of the hardest flashes in history, on his last day in the forest.

Below is Video #1 of the three-part series Alvi edited together for us of Adam's trip, and follows Adam on his first couple of days in the forest as he discovers just how tricky and fickle Font climbing can be. Adam, though, is not one to get pushed around for too long and he quickly comes to form and rails off a series of 8A+ and 8Bs, including Sideways Daze (8B), Fata Morgana Bas (8A+, flash), Satan I Helvéte (8B).

Check back soon for Videos #2 and #3 from Adam's historic visit to Fontainebleau.

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