[VIDEO] Alpines Bouldern in Colorado

Wieder einmal ein recht langes Bouldervideo von Louder Than 11 mit einer Gruppe von Amerikanern, die sich in der kühlem Höhe der Rocky Mountains in Colorado ein Boulderproblem nach dem anderen vornehmen.

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Louder Than 11 would like to present a collection of rock climbs from the 2011 alpine bouldering season in Colorado.

In Order of Appearance:

Connor Griffith
Tim Keenan
Kevin Jorgeson
Jon Glassberg
Sarah Fullerton
Ryan Silven
Danny Ciavarro
Rich Crowder
Sean McColl
Herm Feissner

Featured Climbs:
Equitas (V7) – Mt. Evans – Area D
Golden Ice (V6) – RMNP – Hallet Boulder
Hernia (V12) – RMNP (FA)
Reternia (V11) – RMNP
Deep Dark (V6) – RMNP (FA)
Rhythm of the Saints (V11) – Aircraft Carrier – Second Ascent
Sloping Matters (V8) – Guanella Pass
Hydro Twist (V9) – RMNP
Potato Chip (V6) – RMNP
Pterodactyl (V12) – RMNP
Stinkbug Variation (V9) – RMNP
Stinkbug (V10) – RMNP
Power of Ten (V12) – RMNP
Leviathan Style (V12) – RMNP

Jon Glassberg
Jordan SHipman

Jon Glassberg

Motion Graphics
Jordan Shipman

Little Dragon – "Ritual Union"
Porter Robinson – "Less Go"
M83 – "Midnight City"
Wumpscut – "is It You"
Grimes – "Rasik"
Holy Ghost – "Some Children"
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – "Dance the way I Feel"

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