[VIDEO] Bouldern in Varazze

Wieder einmal ein sehr schönes und ruhiges Video von Haroun Souirji. Nach "Simple Reasons", "Better Than Chocolate" und "La Obsesión" zeigt Haroun hier ein paar Impressionen aus dem italienischen Bouldergebiet Varraze mit Hilfe der beiden deutschen Protagonisten Julia Winter und Robert Leistner, die ja auch schon in den beiden Elbsandsteinvideos von Boreal zu sehen waren.

Vimeo Text

A bouldering short with Boreal athletes Julia Winter and Robert Leistner. Varazze – Italy – is a small town facing the sea, like many on the coast of Liguria. What makes it special is all the small bouldering areas next to it. Varazze recently got in the news because of "Gioia". But there are many other quality lines there.

With this video, I wanted to go for something simple yet a little more abstract than the usual. I wanted to let the footage prevail on the text and decided not to put the grades in the video. But here is the detail of the boulders and grades for those interested:

Nebulosa 7C // Adam's Sleep 7B+ // Messa Delle Streghe 7C // Excalibur Stand 7C // Ciucciati Il Calzino 7B+ // Chiavi Del Regno 7B // Unknown 7A

I hope you enjoy the video!

Music credits at the end of the video.

QuelleHaroun Souirji (Vimeo User)