Video: Paul Robinson in Ticino

Paul Robinson has now left Ticino and moved to his new temporary base camp in Fontainebleau. Before he left, he got very close to finally repeating Dave Graham's The story of 2 worlds getting to the 16th move, ~3 moves from the top, before falling off due to the fact that he couldn't feel his hands anymore because of the cold. Bummer…Unfortunately the bad weather decided to tag along to Paris and it's been raining 24/7 since he arrived, making Paul call this relocation “the worst idea ever”. The man has got a long list of problems to do and can't wait to get started. Stay tuned for more.Black Diamond has made a video with some of the stuff Paul Robinson did while in Ticino: Disney productions, 8A+/B, Brione, Dreamtime, 8B+, Cresciano, La Proue, 8B, Cresciano and Ninja skills, 8B+, Sobrio.Those of you familiar with Dreamtime will notice the famous Dreamtime dyno move isn't done anymore after the break. The new sequence is super crimpy and a bit harder. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen