[VIDEO] The Rocklands Post – Week 2

Da kann man schon mal ins Schwärmen geraten. Blauer Himmel, roter Fels, weißes Chalk und eine Unterkunft mit Swimming Pool. Was will man mehr in Südafrika? Im zweiten Teil der Serie über das Bouldern auf dem zweitgrößten Erdteil geht es um Probleme zwischen 7B und 8A. Dazu ein passender Soundtrack - echt schön anzusehen!

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Second week of the trip with glorious conditions.
The amount of restdays is ridiculously low, and the psyche is hight. The highlights of the week have been the departure/birthday party for Melissa, and the pool-jump of Sakari to celebrate his first 7C ever. Nice job man !

Next week will see some exciting stuff happening, as an 8B is already on my memory card, and rumors of more strong climbers arriving. Stay tuned !

This video features climbs done between july 1st and july 7th, including :
– Ulan Bator : 7B
– The Arc : 8A
– Vlad the Impaler : 7C
– Take off your shoes : 5C
– The hatchling : 8A
– Teagarden Roof : 7C

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