[VIDEO] The waiting game: Climbing on Baffin Island

Man muss sagen: Die Bergsport Videos werden immer besser. Selbst Filme, bei denen faktisch nicht viel passiert werden immer häufiger zu kleinen Meisterwerken, wie in diesem Fall. Hier stimmt einfach alles. Die Musik, die Bilder, die Akteure. Alles vermittelt einen - zumindest subjektiv für den Zuschauer - kompletten Eindruck, wie es sich anfühlen muss, an diesem Ende der Welt aktiv zu sein.

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Endless questions without answers, one after another. Sleepless nights, days of planning, studying, fine-tuning and the same, continuous questions in my mind, incessantly, always the same questions, always.

In what part of the world is it still possible to find unexplored areas? Where is it still possible to leave the first footprint in the snow? Where can you enjoy maximum isolation? Is there a place where you can be on your own without compromise, away from everything and everyone, counting only on yourself and your own resources?

If there is a place like this, if you try and combine all these aspects with top level free climbing, not many possibilities are left.

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