Webb-Parsons gets back at Hueco

Chris Webb-Parsons has, as so many else this time of year, gone to Hueco Tanks, TX. Not wasting any time, he went straight to his last time nemesis, Crown of Aragorn, 8B, on which he seriously injured his shoulder on his previous visit two years ago. The shoulder is still not 100% and will never be: “[the] shoulder will always trouble me for the rest of my climbing life but it's all good… there is a big risk I can tear it again and I can't get it into certain positions so some things are much harder for me now and it always hurts, so doing cross moves and jumps are hard for me.To be honest im really amazed at what I can still do on my shoulder, one year ago now I did think I would ever climb again.”Chris also made a very quick repeat of Terre de Sienne, 8B+, and right away began looking at the sit down, a line known as Terremer, 8C, which has only seen three ascents (Fred Nicole, Paul Robinson, Daniel Woods) “I can do it [Terre de Sienne] almost everytime so I'll try from the sit now, but I'm not sure if my shoulder will be able to cope with the big cross moves down low, so I found another low start to the left that links into “Terre de sienne” so maybe I'll start trying that.”

Chris Webb-ParsonsBjörn Pohl – UKC, Jan 2011© C W-P coll.

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