Weekly Odds & Sods

Adrian Berry has climbed a new problem at Burbage North in the Peak District. The direct start to Windjammer has been eyed and tried by a many, but stood the test of time until Wednesday. Not exactly cutting edge on the grade front, but interesting because of the nature by which Adrian climbed the route – with a big blue crash pad!Thought you might be interested in something I´ve done at Burbage North, I´ve done the direct on ´Windjammer´ (E1) as a highball boulder problem. The thing is about 10m long in total, but the hard part ends at 6m. Interestingly, the challenge was pointed out in the old Froggatt guidebook (page 64) which states of Windjammer: ´Needs a direct start really; any takers?´ I´d tried the line several times over the last ten or more years but never worked out how to do it. Turns out it is a really big one armed press, followed by the crux which involves getting one foot established above the lip of the overhang. The only other person who I know had tried the line was Pete Robbins, who intended to utilise a side runner. I thought that the best way to do it, considering the height was to pad it out and climb it as a boulder problem. I used a 8″ thick Foundry crash mat and three other smaller bouldering pads to pad it out. Nicholas Ecoffet, with whom I worked the moves, reckoned about Font 7b+. Photo courtesy of John Arran (thefreeclimber) Plans to build the largest wind farm in the UK, near Kendal in the Lake District, have been scrapped according to a BBC new report.