Weekly Roundup

This last week has seen a barrage of press releases and reminders sent to us at the planetFear office so below are excerpts from those we think you may be interested in: From Mark Reeves concerning the Slate Quarries Re-bolting project: Having received a kind donation form John Redhead in the form of a signed copy of his book …and one for the crows. Is being auctioned off in aid of the North Wales Bolt Fund, with the two bolts from his seminal route on the rainbow slab, Raped by Affection.The auction is to last ten days from now, and hopefully help raise some cash to help the re-bolting.http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260064551252 From the BMC: Vixen Tor´s hour of fame on Channel 5Vixen Tor is set to star in the final episode of Channel 5s TV series At War with Next Door next Thursday (21 December), as the struggle for access to the Dartmoor landmark continues. The programme will see UN negotiator Colonel Bob Stewart try his hand to resolve the conflict of opinion over access at Vixen Tor – one of Devon´s premier crags. The programme will feature land owner Mrs Alford and local activists.Filming for the documentary, which took place earlier this year, includes an interview with a BMC representative who put across the view of climbers.  The access situation at Vixen Tor however remains unresolved.  Vixen Tor is a site of regional and national importance and the public has previously enjoyed unrestricted access to the Tor for more than 30 years.  Following a change of ownership a few years ago, public access has been denied by current the landowner. The BMC has been active in campaigning for access to the land and has been urgeing anyone who wants to see restored access to the site to write to their local MP. The BMC is also in regular contact with the Park Authority and the Ramblers Association over how to move forward with this situation. The hour long programme will be on Channel 5 on Thursday 21 December at 8pm – 9pm.  ´I´m a celebrity get me out of here´ may be finished but those in need of a reality TV fix should fear not – the episode on Vixen Tor should be called “I´m a climber, let me in here”. From a team of climbers raising money for a good cause: In February 2007 a small UK team will attempt a big mountaineering challenge, in aid of Comic Relief. Three Peaks charity missions are two a penny in the UK and, dare we say it, deadly boring. Ho hum, don´t nod off just yet! 3PeaksAfrica goes one better. Instead of the usual Snowdon, Ben Nevis blah blah blah we´ll be climbing the three highest mountains in Africa, in three short weeks. In the process we hope to raise piles of cash for the nice people at Comic Relief. It seems apt that our mission takes us to the continent with which most of their efforts are involved. If we are not the first fundraising team ever to try this not inconsiderable feat, we´ll eat our bobble hats – and that´s a promise! http://www.3peaksafrica.co.uk/ From Alpinist John Harlin at the American Alpine Club: Greetings! We hope you have had an enjoyable and successful year in the mountains. Did you climb any new mountain or big-wall routes? If you did, PLEASE submit a short report to the American Alpine Journal for our 2007 edition. We need your report by early January! You are probably familiar with the American Alpine Journal, but here is a quick reminder: The AAJ tries to be the world?s ?journal of record? for documenting significant new climbs. We seek reports on all NEW long routes worldwide. We typically define ?long? as a full day or more on the climb itself. We sometimes report a repeat ascent if it was on a highly significant peak or route that has not been climbed in many years; if there have been major changes in conditions on the mountain; if the style is new (example: first free ascent); if the ascent was exceptionally fast; if it was the first winter ascent (but only of major routes); or if the report supplies vital information for future climbers. We do not publish reports on first ?national? ascents (for example, the first American or Italian or Japanese ascent). We also don?t cover first women´s ascents, handicapped climbs, or other special recognitions. Sometimes, however, we break our own ?rules.?Our complete guidelines are at: www.americanalpineclub.org/pages/page/47, or you can obtain them from our editors. Please correspond with the appropriate editor for the location of your climb: Kelly Cordes (climbs in North and South America): kellyaaj@yahoo.com Lindsay Griffin (Greenland, Antarctica, Asia, Africa): mountaininfo@onetel.net Dougald MacDonald (feature stories): dougald5@comcast.net John Harlin III (general questions): john@johnharlin.net From the BBC: BBC Television LAST MAN STANDING BBC Television is looking for fit, bold men who are up to the Challenge of a Lifetime Last Man Standing is a new BBC Series in which a group of 6 western athletes pit their skills against each other and tribal champions in a series of extraordinary sporting challenges.  The first series of Last Man Standing will be broadcast in mid-2007, and a second series is already being prepared.  That?s where you could come in.  Do you: ? Have a passion for sport and competition? ? A thirst to explore some of the most remote places on the planet?? A desire to live with traditional tribes, and to learn from them?If you?re answering ?yes? and can be free to go on a series of adventures from Easter 2007 for 24 weeks of the next 52 please get in touch with us at:- Last Man Standing ? Room 5525, BBC White City 201, Wood Lane, London W12 7TS Or e-mail to: Last_Man_Standing@bbc.co.uk And last but not least, from the administrators of the Nick Estcourt Award: If you are planning on applying for a grant from the Nick Estcourt Award you´ll need to do so by Dec 31st. See the website for details.