Weekly Roundup

BBC Television is looking for fit, bold men who are up to the Challenge of a Lifetime Last Man Standing is a new BBC Series in which a group of 6 western athletes pit their skills against each other and tribal champions in a series of extraordinary sporting challenges.  The first series of Last Man Standing is currently broadcast on Tuesdays @ 9pm BBC 3, and a second series is already being prepared.  That?s where you could come in.  Do you: ? Have a passion for sport and competition? ? A thirst to explore some of the most remote places on the planet?? A desire to live with traditional tribes, and to learn from them?If you?re answering ?yes? and can be free to go on a series of adventures from September 2007 ? September 2008 please go to our website: www.bbc.co.uk/lastmanstanding  and apply online, or email us at Last_Man_Standing@bbc.co.uk  Last Man Standing ? Room 5525, BBC White City 201, Wood Lane, London W12 7ST Tel: 0845 3011 050 Coast lovers will unite at Brean Down on the North Somerset coast on Thursday 9 August to promote a permanent right of access to the coastline and to express support for a coastal access corridor in England.   A coalition of Britain?s leading outdoor organisations will bring together local climbers, walkers, horse riders, cyclists and canoeists and other sporting groups to demonstrate how coastal access can work effectively by carrying out their respective sporting activities. The Government consultation on improving access to England?s coast was launched in June and closes on 11 September 2007.  The proposals for improving access to the English coast set out four options: a continuous coastal path; legislative access rights along the lines of the Countryside Rights of Way Act (CRoW); voluntary agreements with landowners; or a coastal access corridor – supported by Natural England.  A large number of recreational organisations are also supporting this latter view and are lobbying the government to ensure that the proposal provides coastal access for all non-motorised users.