Whittaker Climbs Dawes Project

Last Saturday (the 5th January) young Pete Whittaker made the first ascent of the direct finish to Braille Trail at Burbage South. Amazingly Johnny Dawes had previously top roped the line one handed (!) and called it Grandad´s Slab Right Handed, but never returned to lead the route.

Pete explained the difference between the two routes to us, ?Grandad´s Slab traverses to the central pocket in the middle of the wall, as for Braille Trail but instead of lowering down to the pocket with your hands, you put your foot into it, hold some pebbles and rock over till you are stood in the pocket. Then you climb the bold wall above on some more pebbles. I think that it is probably E7 6c and I decided to stick with Johnny´s name, Grandad´s Slab.? Pete is sponsored by 5.10, The Edge, Patagonia, Naked Ape