World Cup Winners Announced

Winner of the Brno round of the World Cup Kim Jain (KOR) close to the top of the final MYSSAK, 07 Nov 2009

The winners of the lead category of the 2009 World Cup are Adam Ondra (Czech) and Johanna Ernst (Austria).Ondra won four out of six rounds, taking the lead title, the overall title and the final round for a great triple crown.Ernst took the lead category title for the second year running. Both climbers are still at school, Ondra is just 16 years old and Ernst celebrated her 17th birthday last week.The final round was held in Kranj, Slovenia and the winner of the women's lead category in that round was Slovenian local Mina Markovic.Interestingly several UK climbers ranked highly in the bouldering world cup (see International Federation of Sport Climbing IFSC rankings) but we have no competitors at all ranked in the lead competition. Is this in part due to the excellent indoor bouldering facilities available in the UK and a dearth of world-cup style competition lead walls?World Cup top ten ranking (with links to their IFSC results):Women

rank name nation points
1. Ernst Johanna AUT 440.54
2. Kim Jain KOR 373.69
3. Vidmar Maja SLO 354.92
4. Eiter Angela AUT 313.12
5. Ciavaldini Caroline FRA 272.62
6. Kobayashi Yuka JPN 265.98
7. Markovic Mina SLO 258.35
8. Gros Natalija SLO 209.11
9. Noguchi Akiyo JPN 189.62
10. Chereshneva Yana RUS 187.15


rank name nation points
1. Ondra Adam CZE 423.73
2. Usobiaga Lakunza Patxi ESP 417.16
3. AMMA Sachi JPN 314.87
4. Schubert Jakob AUT 238.94
5. Romain Manuel FRA 224.12
6. Julian Puigblanque Ramón ESP 218.69
7. Lama David AUT 217.79
8. Tauporn Thomas GER 184.76
9. McColl Sean CAN 158.37
10. Becan Klemen SLO 149.77

You can read more results on the IFSC Website Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen