World University Orienteering Championship 2006

Sprint Races, 18th AugustAnother great day for team GB with another place on the podium. This time it was to be in the Men?s race in the form of Murray Strain. He seemed to ??get the orienteering right? as he commented at the end of the race and is his best international performance to date. planetFear reporter Graham Gristwood also had a perfect run following a major wobble at the first control which cost him 25 seconds.Helen Bridle was also close to the podium again as she finished in 8th place for team GB after she made a small error and ran into a building site section in the middle of the race. Dana Brozkova, the gold medallist from the long distance also showed she had great speed by finishing 1st in the sprint, 5 seconds clear of the Swiss runner Seline Stadler.Results were as follows:Men 3.3 km 22 controls, 76 starters1st. Oystein Kvaal Osterbo NOR 14.07,12nd. Simonas Krepsta LTU 14.19,33rd. Fabian Hertner SUI 14.22,64th. Murray Strain GBR 14.31,05th. Adam Kovacs HUN 14.32,96th. Tuomas Tervo FIN 14.35,912. Graham Gristwood GBR 14.51,637. Oleg Chepelin GBR 15.38,5Women 2.8km 16 controls, 62 starters 1st. Dana Brozkova CZE 14.20,12nd. Seline Stalder SUI 14.25,53rd. Michela Guizzardi ITA 14.47,84th. Zuzana Macúchova CZE 14.49,75th. Nataliya Dimitrova BUL 14.59,86th. Nadija Volynska UKR 15.01,88. Helen Bridle GBR 15.02,740th. Helen Palmer GBR 16.46,750th. Aislinn Austin GBR 17.43,7 Relays, 19th AugustAmazing results in for the ladies team who win GOLD at the World University Orienteering Championship in Slovakia. This upholds their past performances as 4 years ago they won the gold, and the silver two years ago. It was a surprise win as the Swiss, Norwegian, Finish and Czech teams were very strong this year. It went down to the wire as the leading pack of 3 women made a huge mistake leaving Helen Bridle in 4th to scoop up the victory on the last loop and cross the line only 7 seconds ahead of the chasing Swiss team.Women´s Results: 5.0 km 170m climb and 2 @ 4.2 km 140m climb GOLD – GBR (Mhairi Mackenzie, Helen Palmer, Rachael Elder, Helen Bridle) – 142.39SILVER – SUI (Ines Brodmann, Noemi Cerny, Sara Luescher, Seline Stalder) ? 142.46BRONZE – FIN (Laura Hokka, Pinja Satri, Salla Sukki, Maria Rantala) ? 143.03The men finished in 10th place which was very respectable in a tough field with Oli Johnson managing an error free anchor leg to secure their top 10 position.Men´s Results: 7.3 km 220m climb and 2 @ 6.1 km 190m climb GOLD – SUI (Fabian Hertner, Christian Ott, Baptiste Rollier, Matthias Merz ) – 144.32SILVER – SVK (Ondrej Pijak, Tomas Drencak, Martin Pijak, Lukas Bartak) ? 145.55BRONZE – NOR (Martin Grotle Souk, Stig Alvestad, Carl Waaler, Oystein Kvaal Oste) ? 145.5610th ? GBR (Graham Gristwood, Murray Strain, Matt Crane, Oli Johnson) ? 160.57